[5.13.15] Xeon Phi Forced Air Cooler

Description of Project

To create a durable force air system for two Intel Xeon Phi's, to help keep them from overheating. [Xeon Phi Info link]

Processes Applied:

Laser Cutting


This was a straightforward project in which I used laser cuttable wooden board to create a mounting structure in which to mount forced air fans. I used 4 bolts and a handful of nuts to space the two fans apart so that they are aligned with the air input ports. I used 4 long bolts and drilled 4 holes in the base of the case to mount the fans in place behind the xeon phi's. Ultimately the fans were directly wired to the computer power supply so that they will always be on, to reduce potential heat issues that could arise from hiccups in the OS or various fan speed control software.

Overall this project was more tedious than complex because of the limited space to insert, align, and assemble the fan structure.

Project Photos