[6.8.13]Disassemble a mini-Flash Drive: SanDisk Cruzer Fit

Description of Project

This project goal is to disassemble of a SanDisk Cruzer Fit 16 GB usb Flash Drive for purpose of gaining a low profile flash drive and learning exactly how they are built. Disassembling things gives you a good idea on how other think, and in this case on how big companies engineers think.

Processes Applied:

Product Design


This will be a short summary, mostly a step by step of what you will find and how to replicate this project.

Step one: Get a small flat head, use it to pry the two joining pieces apart at the bottom of the USB metal case. (Reference Picture)

Step two: Once you have removed the metal case you should be left with a piece of plastic with the standard 4 pin USB contacts, and a larger piece of plastic seemingly encasing that first piece of plastic. (Reference Picture) Underneath the front of the 4 USB contacts there should be a small plastic lip (Reference photo), This will ultimately separate the USB memory from the enclosure.

Step three: What you are now holding is the flash drive, in my case a 16 gig flash drive. This will not fit inside a USB drive slot without modification but is much smaller and slimmer than with the original packaging.

In closing, I did this because I was curious about the device and found it for ~$15 at the local store. Hope this helps.

Project Photos