[10.31.16] Laser Cutting Pumpkins [Collaboration]

Description of Project

Carving Pumpkins at Peter's Halloween Party using a high powered laser.

Processes Applied:

Laser Cutting


This project was a simple use of a high powered laser,50Watts @ 1064nm from Universal Laser Systems, to cut pumpkins for Halloween.

To hold the pumpkin in place we used a an optical post on mounted with a mechanical rotational stage placed on-top of a scissor-jack stand. To affix the pumpkin in place we drilled a hole in the base of the pumpkin and put a bolt through it, this allowed us to rigidly mount the pumpkin directly to the rotational stand.

The laser was fixed and infrared we used ametal pointer to allow us to roughly gauge where the beam was. We gauged the focal points distance from the aperture and modified our pointer to reflect this distance. For safety we had everyone who entered the room wear the proper safety glasses to stop any scattered or reflected light. Luckily enough, Peter had quite a few safety glasses rated for the power and wavelength we were working with.

And last but not least, we had the window open and a high power 120v fan pushing air out of the room away from the pumpkin, this was to remove all fumes causes by dumping 50 watts into pumpkin matter ... it wasn't exactly the best smelling activity.

Thanks to Peter for setting up such a memorable Halloween party!

Project Photos