[Fall '11] Mini-Maglight Lanyards

Description of Project

A simple project aimed at creating a lanyard with a basic lashing using nylon string removed from the core of paracord rope.

Processes Applied:



This was a simple project where I aimed to create a strong lanyard for a mini-maglight. The materials I chose to use for this project are from the core of paracord (#550) (nylon string) and the shell of the paracord. The shell acts as the lanyard's main component which has a tensile strength of 250lbs. After cutting the cord to the specific length, I used the inner strands to lash the ends together. These inner strands are Nylon which allows for the next step. After the lashing I took a lighter and melted the ends (Note: the Fumes released are toxic). This creates a strong and reliable lanyard which can endure stress and rough conditions. Ultimately this became a mainstay in my camping gear.

Project Photos