[Nov '12] Junior Lab Sign Mounting: The Rogers Laboratories of Physics Brass Sign

Description of Project

The mounting of the antique MIT lab sign (The Rogers Laboratories of Physics Sign) which is made of brass in the MIT Junior Physics laboratory. The project to mount the sign aimed to use pre-existing uni-strut frames as support and mounting surface.

Processes Applied:

CAD: Solidworks
Uni-strut Framing
Fancy Lighting
Load Testing


First, I created a CAD design to present a simple model to my boss for discussing the design's pros, cons, and approval of project funds.

  • Estimated sign weight: at least 164 pounds based on simple dimensional analysis.
  • Load testing involved a heavier object, namely a lead shield from one of the lab experiments.

Overall, it was a satisfying project for our lab, made possible with support from my coworkers.



Uni-strut can be a valuable addition to a lab, but there are some drawbacks.

  1. Cost: The total cost for this project was approximately $81. However, considering the sign's density and weight, I would hesitate to use any other mounting setup.
  2. Bolts: Mounting can be challenging due to torque causing components to shift from perpendicular to undesirable angles during tightening.
  3. Mounting to pre-existing uni-strut: This can pose challenges as previous project specifications may limit options for mounting or bolting new parts to the existing frame.

Project Photos