[03.10.2017]Go-Pro Custom Accessories

Description of Project

Fabricate accessories for my new GoPro(refurbished Gopro Hero 4 - Ebay) to expand what I can do with it.

Processes Applied:

3D Printing


General magnetic Go-Pro Mount: First there is the 6061-Aluminium handle/shaft that is turned & knurled aluminum with a threaded hole in the bottom and a standard go-pro mating feature milled into the top. The knurled section allows for the mount to also be carried while recording while keeping a firm grip to the setup. The threaded hole in the bottom of the handle is used to affix it to the brass base using a piece of 1/4-20 threaded rod that is locktited into the bottom of the handle which is then locktited into a brass-block. The brass block is simply a brass block with a threaded hole on the top and a press-fit rectangular neodymium magnetic in the bottom. This allows for the overall go-pro system to mount to any metallic surfaces as well as have a counter balancing weight at the base of the entire setup.

There are two 3d printed components for this setup, (1) a tightening knob which has a press-fit bolt running through it. This knob goes through the go-pro mount and threads into the opposing side, ultimately being used for angle adjustment. (2) is a cover for the neodymium magnet so it doesn't stick to everything and pick up a lot of metallic dust. It is a simple shape that has a press fit and epoxied washer in it to allow for the cap to be quickly mounted but held firmly in place.

Climbing Mount: This is a simple steel fixture that can be mounted to a climbing wall using the standard climbing wall bolt for handhelds. This allows for the go-pro magnetic mount to be a fixed to a indoor climbing wall in any number of positions. The proper Allen key required to mount it to the wall is affixed to the mount using a key ring and two crimped loops around a strand of security wire (Steel wire surrounded by plastic).

Simple Go-pro Mount to camera 1/4-20 tripod mount: This is a simple tri-po to go-pro mount adapter that allows for my go-pro to be quickly mounted to a standard 1/4-20 tripod mount.

Project Photos