[11.1.16] Go-Pro Cube & Other Bike Trip related projects

Description of Project

Creating components for a group electric bike trip up the white mountains. 3D Go-Pro Cube that allows you to take 360 video with multiple go-pros. Bike Phone Holders for data logging.

Processes Applied:

3D Printing


The Go-Pro cube was a simple design which takes a standard layout for taking 360 video using 6 separate go-pros. The design used a finger joint style frame, with 6 separate waterjet pieces and once press fit together they were TIG welded by Dane. To mate the Go-Pros to the steel frame, we used 3D printed mounting brackets which were printed out of nylon on a marked forge 3D printer. Then we just used a corner bracket and a piece of 80-20 to quickly mount it to a bike handle bar. For future design upgrades, vibration damping needs to be addressed.

3D printed phone case, These were designed and made to be rugged and allow for quick access of the phone during the bike trip. The ultimate goal was to have a user interface to monitor the batteries condition during the bike trip. This functionality was not finished in-time for the bike trip.

Project Photos