[7.30.16] MITERS Related 3D Printing Projects

Description of Project

General 3D printing projects, Mainly utility projects regarding 3d printing in 3d

Processes Applied:

3D Printing


In General, This project is aimed various small projects where I used 3D printing to modify some organization in MITERS and general useful. I will probably occasionally add to this in the future for minor 3d printing projects, because minor ones don't really deserve a whole post.

  1. 3D printed Soap holder using magnets for mounting. This project was to address my desire to always have a bar of lava soap in MITERS, so that once I am done with my projects I can properly clean-up. The nature of MITERS sometimes will result in there being times where no heavy-duty soap is available. So ultimately I designed and built a soap holder for my shelf, that also doesn't really take room away from my shelf's storage capacity.
  2. Furniture Feet: For a recent project I needed a method to add feet to a side-table I was making out of cheap home-depot common board and threaded rod. I usually like this fabrication practice for moderately cheap shelving that can be both disassembled/reassembled easily. Also the over-all cost and time is quite low for a decent looking final product. But I wanted to improve upon my previous design, so for this project I 3D printed feet which (A) Tap and (B) add adhesive floor pads.
  3. Prototyping a friends project: Using 3d Printing to prototype a friends project which he intended to machine out of a billet of steel. The aim of this project was to create a working prototype out of plastic so that he could trouble shoot any issues in his design that he might have overlook before he dedicates the time to fabricate the part out of steel. This project/tool was quite a large piece so due to many failed starting attempts to print the base as a single piece I broke up the print into 8 separate pieces and printed each individually. Once printed the parts we assembled them with ABS epoxy.

Project Photos