First Screw Machine: From a Yo-yo factory




This was the first screw machine Rob had come across that was in good condition and cheap. It came from a small yoyo company Larry Sayco YoYo Company This was probably the luckiest we have ever been in the middle of a move. This was down in Connecticut, and getting the machine from the shop into the trailer (10 feet away) took around 2 hours. So first, the machine had been sitting on the wooden floor for decades making yoyo parts and had warped the flooring. Second the flooring out the door onto the concrete had 3 lips. This required some multi-stage rigging where we had to pickup the machine, put it down, readjust, pick it up, and put it back down (rinse repeat). The luck comes in, that when we went to load the machine we realized we did not bring our chain fall and rigging to pull the machine into the bed of the trailer. So we were able to borrow a chain fall from a passing stranger. I cannot make this up, a passing stranger had a 3 ton chain fall in his garage a block away.