Electric Chainfall: Rewiring


Every so often you will come across a piece of modern equipment that is being thrown out because "its broken", This was one of those times. A modern electric chainfall was being tossed due to the electronics no longer working and the expected repair cost was upwards of half the cost of a new one. As two guys who have heavily depending on 60+ year old mechanical chainfalls to move multiple tons of heavy machinery, we immediately scooped this up and brought it to the shop. And yes, electric chainfalls have there place even if they are not as controllable as mechanical only ones. Ulimately after testing the motor, we determined that the contactors had degraded and needed to be cleaned up. This took about 30 minutes to disassemble, clean, with a bit of difficulty on the final reassembly due to space constraints. But with a little bit of TLC we were able to add another chainfall to our collection!