that I made during my journey of crafty adventures

Through-out my life I have found that the projects I work on are only as good as the people I get to share them with. And some of my most impactful projects were the simplest to make. So this section of my website is dedicated to those friends who, like me, have built some kind of online repository of their craftiness.

Check out their websites!

Dane Kouttron

A crafty friend who I have known since undergrad, a man who exudes crafty electrical engineering genius through-out his life. Beware his crazy contraptions, he might make you test them!

Robert Reeve

Another friend from the RPI croud, a man who is a genius when it comes to mechanical engineering and mechanisms. Dont let the grime fool you, he also works on advanced space-based projects for his day job!

John McMaster

Another friend from the RPI croud, a world of his own. The amount of microscopes this man in his home would rival many small research labs. [Twitter]

Ben Katz

Ben Katz, a Man I met my first year at MIT in MITERS when he was but a freshman. The sheer quality of this mans projects is nothing short of incredible, from robots to homemade espresso machines.

Michael Detienne

A friend I made at MIT in good old MITERS. If one person fully embodied the spirt of MITERS, it would be him. If you want to hack together something that works, there is no better accomplice. And watch-out for his 7' tesla coil arcs.

(Dr.)Ciaran O'Neill

A Tablespoon of Ireland in all his projects! The most official mechanical engineer around, always bringing a smile and a laugh to every project in MITERS!

(Dr.)Rebecca Li

MITERS Alumni as well as MIT Alumni, one of the many photographers MITERS has spawned this past decade!

Alex Hattori

Not just a world-class yo-yo'er!!! Watch out for his robots! First half of the dynamic duo!

Jared DiCarlo

Builder of many crazy EE projects in MITERS, the second half of the dynamic duo!

Ava Chen

MIT Alumni and MITERS Member. Quite the craft lady, mixture of woodwork, mechanical engineering, and climbing things - What more can you say about an East campus-er.

(Dr.)Aaron Sharpe

A experimental physicist who loves to build, the best kind of experimentalist!

(Dr.)Kaityln Becker

Another impressive mechanical engineer and all-around crafty lady! From squishy robots to glass, with a pinch of silliness :)

(Dr.)Jamison Go

MIT Alumni; Experienced in 3d printing technologies and other manufacturing techniques.

Charles Guan

An MIT Alumni who I first met through MITERS, Has experience in all home-made electric vehicles and other silly contraptions. Also knowledgeable in a lot of different manufacturing techniques.

(Dr.)Peter Krogen

Life-time MITERS Member, there is no denying his laser knowledge!


Not just a workshop!

MITERS is both a Makerspace/Hackerspace as well as a social community of like-minded people. It was hub of my 20's (and beyond?) and source of many crafty adventures!