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CK Li, VT Tikhonchuk, Q Moreno, H Sio, E D’Humières, X Ribeyre, Ph Korneev, S Atzeni, R Betti, A Birkel, EM Campbell, RK Follett, JA Frenje, SX Hu, M Koenig, Y Sakawa, TC Sangster, FH Seguin, H Takabe, S Zhang, RD Petrasso, Collisionless Shocks Driven by Supersonic Plasma Flows with Self-Generated Magnetic Fields, Physical Review Letters - V.123, 055002 (2019)

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MIT News Spotlight:

 H. Sio, O. Larroche, S. Atzeni, N. V. Kabadi, J. A. Frenje, M. Gatu Johnson, C. Stoeckl, C. K. Li, C. J. Forrest, V. Glebov, P. J. Adrian, A. Bose, A. Birkel, S. P. Regan, F. H. Seguin, and R. D. Petrasso, Probing ion species separation and ion thermal decoupling in shock-driven implosions using multiple nuclear reaction histories, Physics of Plasma - 26, 072703 (2019)

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Physics of Plasmas: Editors Pick (July 2019)

Guan-Bo Lin, Qifeng Shan, Andrew J. Birkel, Jaehee Cho, E. Fred Schubert, Mary H. Crawford, Karl R. Westlake,  and Daniel D. Koleske, Method for determining the radiative efficency of GaInN quantum wells based on the width of efficiency-versus-carrier-concentration curve, Applied Physics letters - 101, 241104 (2012)

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During my time in the PSFC HEDP research group I worked on various experiments ranging from simple experimental support to full-on involvement from the start to the end of the campaigns. In the following page I attempt to keep an updated list of every experiment I have ever supported during these years of my life:


Machining and Hands-on Oriented Skills
MachiningSkilled in the use of Manual & CNC Lathes/Mills, and other machinery
MIG Welding, Plasma Cutting, Plastic Welding and BrazingThese skills i have moderate experience with and TA?ed an engineering course, (ENGR-1300) Engineering Processes, where I ran multiple labs aimed at teaching the skills necessary in properly operating the equipment to Weld, Braze and plasma cut.
SolderingI have extensive experience in soldering, I have even perused the NASA technical standards for electrical soldering.
TIG WeldingI have experience in TIG welding both Steel and Aluminium
Laser CuttingI have experience with using and repairing laser cutters
WaterjettingI have Moderate experience with using waterjets. I have cut various metals for personal and work related projects. The most difficult project was precisely cutting tungsten which has a tendency to delaminate.
3D PrintingI amÿskilled with using various 3d printing tools including SLA, SLS, FDM, and SLM.ÿ

Programming and Software Skills
LabViewI have used LabView to write multiple programs for Undergraduate Research, experimental setups across multiple jobs, and have attended a Professional aimed tutorial session.
SolidworksI have designed many projects using this software, but I am constantly trying to learn the many features I have not used as of yet.
PSpiceI have taken a senior level electronics class where we were taught how to simulate circuits in Pspice.
STKI have Limited experience in the program.
MatlabI have previous experience in coding in Matlab, and use it occasionally for work.
Microsoft Office ProgramsI have a high level of understanding of all programs in the Microsoft office suite.
C++I have taken a computer programing class oriented in the C++ language
PythonAverage knowledge of coding practices of Python, multiple Raspberry Pi projects actively being used. (Example:MITERS-Door Twitter)

Undergraduate Clubs and Activities
RPI Electronics ClubRPI Club Member - The Club aimed at providing a place where students could get together to learn, tinker, and apply knowledge.
RPI Laboratory Assistant(Fall '09 to Spring '12)Laboratory Assistant - I run weekly labs involving the proper methods of Plastic Welding, MIG Welding, Handheld Plasma cutting and Brazing.Taught and supervised the proper usage of a horizontal mill, vertical mill, lathe, band saw and drill press.Taught the use of a Vernier caliper, micrometer and tap.
RPI Undergraduate Research Assistant (Summer of '10, '11) (Fall of '11, Spring '12) I worked on various projects in the field of semiconductors: Data acquisition and analysis on photoluminescense of test semiconductor wafers, Prototyped a low-cost Photoluminescense setup, Developed labview code for multiple experiments (Both PL-Setups, Temperature Microcontroller), and acquired C-V measurements for various GaN samples over a large range of temperatures ranging from 77K to ~300K.
RPI Fencing Club (Assistant Armorer 2010, Master Armorer 2011)RPI Fencing Club Armorer; On top of practices and helping run tournaments, I was in charge of keeping all of the club equipment in working order. This entails rewiring and general electronic troubleshooting.
(SPS) Society of Physics StudentsMember - SPS is an undergraduate physics organization. The aim is to provide both academic and social activites to current undergraduate physics students from providing homework help to running a physics outreach program to scheduling guest speakers and events.
(RAS) Rensselaer Astrophysical SocietyMember - RAS is aimed at allowing students to pursue interests in astronomy. We operate an observatory on campus and have multiple club and personal telescopes. Also we hold meetings and provide public events and discuss a range of topics and projects.

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