Project list

[Summer ’10] Half-life Crowbar Mounting
: This is a simple week long project where I created a wooden mount for a crowbar, which I painted
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[Fall ’11] Mini-Maglight Lanyards
: A simple project aimed at creating a lanyard with a basic lashing using nylon string removed from the core
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[ENGR-1300] Engineering Processes
: “The use of basic machine tools such as lathes, mills, drill presses, band saws, and grinders, including micrometers, vernier
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[10.6.09] Repairing Laptop Cooling Pad
: This project is a simple repair involving a salvaged laptop cooling pad. The goal of this project is to
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[Freshman Year] Fun Magnets: Electromagnetic Projects
: This project documents the many projects and personal research I worked on during my freshman year. This includes; An
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[Fall ’09] Pew Pew: 405nm 100mw Handheld Laser
: This project is aimed at creating a handheld laser out of a laser diode, specifically a 405nm 100mw diode.
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