Project list

[8.2.14] Variable Temperature Box
: This project was aimed at creating a testing apparatus that allows you to vary the temperature between (Below Freezing) to
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[07.14.14]Home-made Cutting Boards: Simple Wood-working
: This project came out of the desire to build new things for my upcoming move and to work with
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[4.10.14] The Melting Point: CNC Wax Seals
: This project was designed around the use of the CNC Mill that has recently been added to the MITERS
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[8.02.13] Birkel’s Lamp: Refurbished Brass Physics Lamp
: During the summer I was tasked with organizing and cleaning out an old physics storage room at MIT. There
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[7.1.13]Material Properties (Wood): Fire-Hardening in the wilderness
: One of the processes that is kind of casually overlooked or glanced over when looking at history is the
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[6.8.13]Disassemble a mini-Flash Drive: SanDisk Cruzer Fit
: This project goal is to disassemble of a SanDisk Cruzer Fit 16 GB usb Flash Drive for purpose of gaining
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[5.23.13] Old Steel: Refurbishment project
: This project’s goal was to take a old tool and refurbish it to a condition where it can be
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[Nov ’12] Junior Lab Sign Mounting: The Rogers Laboratories of Physics Brass Sign
: The mounting of the antique MIT lab sign (The Rogers Laboratories of Physics Sign) which is made of brass
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Behemoth Electric Scooter
: A large framed electric scooter, The goal of this project was to create a large framed scooter. The specifications
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