Project list

[Description]: Design and fabrication of a cocktail glass that takes its inspiration from the Atomic Cocktail (drink, song, and Fallout
[Description]: Creating a experimental setup designed around a Chinese induction heater which allows for the insertion of alumina crucibles.  [Processes
[Description]: Creating components for a group electric bike trip up the white mountains. 3D Go-Pro Cube that allows you to
[Description]: Carving Pumpkins at Peter's Halloween Party using a high powered laser.  [Processes Applied]: Laser Carving [Summary]: This project was
[Description]: To create a better way to melt enough wax to create a wax seal with my custom bronze seal. 
[Description]: One of our friends and MITERS members was heading off to the great big California Tech Region, so Dane
[Description]: A friend is moving into a new space where he setup a few machines, and every shop space needs
[Description]: Manufacturing scintillation material into specific shapes for a diagnostic package run at The Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) Omega
[Description]: General 3D printing projects, Mainly utility projects regarding 3d printing in 3d  [Processes Applied]: 3D Printing [Summary]: In General,
[Description]: Refurbishing an old Belknap Bluegrass double-headed axe that I bought for $20 at Kinzers Rough and Tumble Tractor Show

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