Project list

[Description]: This project had a simple goal, create a custom steel pulley for my friends Barber Colman no. 3 gear-hobbing machine. 
[Description]: Fabrication of a custom cam profile for use in machine automation. [Processes Applied]: CNC Machining Post-CNC Manual Machining Creation
[Description]: General Tests done to determine optimal settings for Cermark LMM-6000 with a 120W Epilog CO2 laser.  [Processes Applied]: Laser
[Description]: Fabricate accessories for my new GoPro(refurbished Gopro Hero 4 - Ebay) to expand what I can do with it.
[Description]: Making decent modular shelves and side tables using cheap home depot boards, threaded rod, washers, and nuts.  [Processes Applied]:
[Description]: Using Shapeways 3D Printing services to create vacuum comparable holders for our SBD's (Surface Barrier Detector) in the vacuum
[Description]: This is work I did to support the research efforts of the pProbeJet Omega campaign @ LLE. The purpose
[Description]: To clean out an older thrown out gear reducer, replace the gaskets and fill with new oil.  [Processes Applied]:
[Description]: To create a durable force air system for two Intel Xeon Phi's, to help keep them from overheating. [Xeon
[Description]: This project was aimed at creating multiple cuboids of roughly identical size.  [Processes Applied]: Milling Fly Cutting Polishing Wood-Working

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