Project list

[8.21.15] Gear Reducer Refurb.
: To clean out an older thrown out gear reducer, replace the gaskets and fill with new oil.  : Gasket
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[5.13.15] Xeon Phi Forced Air Cooler
: To create a durable force air system for two Intel Xeon Phi’s, to help keep them from overheating. :
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[8.28.14] Precision Identical Cuboids – Junior Lab
: This project was aimed at creating multiple cuboids of roughly identical size.  : Milling Fly Cutting Polishing Wood-Working Staining
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[Summer ’16] Atomic Cocktail
: Design and fabrication of a cocktail glass that takes its inspiration from the Atomic Cocktail (drink, song, and Fallout
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[11.30.16] Chinese Induction Heater
: Creating a experimental setup designed around a Chinese induction heater which allows for the insertion of alumina crucibles.  :
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[11.1.16] Go-Pro Cube & Other Bike Trip related projects
: Creating components for a group electric bike trip up the white mountains. 3D Go-Pro Cube that allows you to
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[10.31.16] Laser Cutting Pumpkins [Collaboration]
: Carving Pumpkins at Peter‘s Halloween Party using a high powered laser.  : Laser Carving : This project was a
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[10.10.16] Wax Heater
: To create a better way to melt enough wax to create a wax seal with my custom bronze seal. 
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[10.13.16] California Day – Light Cake Cooking
: One of our friends and MITERS members was heading off to the great big California Tech Region, so Dane
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