Project list

[Description]: In my opinion a key component in setting the feel for a hacker space is the sign. I finally
[Description]: Recently I came across some decent and rusty cast iron at a junk-yard and was able to pick it
[Description]: I wanted to create a personal gift for a friend, roughly from scratch, and I decided to create a
[Description]: When working on another project I came across an issue with the tooling at MITERS. Our only MITERS saw
[Description]: This project was centered around a junk-yard find, a battery powered Quick-fill device for inflating inflatables. The goal was
[Description]: Every professional has a high quality item related to their field of study or work. This item both holds
[Description]: In this project my goal was to replicate a simple wooden coat rack into a more sturdy all metal
[Description]: This projects objective is to create a short-staff based off of the staff of the main character from the
[Description]: Creating a custom tool set for my friend who blows glass at MIT Glass Lab. The tools built are
[Description]: My first heat-cartridge wax pot died due to the solid metal wire getting pinched and sheered. This project is

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