Andrew Birkel


A List of my friends websites

Electric Bike Trip up the White Mountains


The MIT Electronic Research Society

Dane Kouttron

If you Build It

A fellow RPI Alumni with experience in all things electronics, power electronics, and  general high voltage systems!

Fred Moore

A MIT Alumni who has experience in Battlebots, Autonomous Go-Karts, and all other crazy things!

Youtube #1 Link - General Fred

Youtube #2 Link - Mass Destruction

Ciaran O'Neill

A Tablespoon of Ireland in all his projects 😀

Alex Hattori

Current MIT Undergrad and MITERS Club Member, builder, and first half of the of sooo many battlebots Duo!

Ava Chen

MIT Alumni and MITERS Member. Quite the craft lady, mixture of woodwork, mechanical engineering, and climbing things - What more can you say about an East campus-er

Jared DiCarlo

Current MIT Undergrad and MITERS Club Member, and the other Half of the Crazy Number of BattleBots and other electrical Vehicles.

John McMaster


Fellow RPI Alumni - Master of the IC reverse engineering and inspection, former E-club compatriot.

Michael DeTienne

MIT Alumni and MITERS Member... just watch-out for his projects!

Ben Katz

MIT Alumni; MIT Graduate work on Cheetah Robots; And generally quite talented in robotics and machining.

Rebecca Li

MITERS Alumni as well as MIT Alumni

Robert S. Reeve

A Fellow RPI Alumni who I first met in E-Club. Mechanical Engineering guru, Nuclear Engineering, and all things Adv. Research @ Lincoln Labs. Also comrade in arms for gear hobbing/shaping and reclaiming old machines from Craigslist.

Charles Guan


An MIT Alumni who I first met through MITERS, Has experience in all home-made electric vehicles and other silly contraptions. Also knowledgeable in a lot of different manufacturing techniques.

Jamision Go

Jamison Go

MIT Alumni; Experienced in 3d printing technologies and other manufacturing techniques.

(Dr.) Peter Krogen

Life-time MITERS Member, there is no denying his laser knowledge 🙂

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