[1.20.2012]Creating Chips: A Water Proof Match Canister

[1.20.2012]Creating Chips: A Water Proof Match Canister


This project was used to learn how to thread using a lathe. This is an operation that is the foundation of most assembly and I thought it was a very important thing to know and understand how to do.  So I came up with a simple project which requires threading, a waterproof match canister.

[Processes Applied]:

-Lathe operations


*Precision Machining

*Drilling & Tapping

-Creating a Tool

*Grinding an precision tool (High Speed Steel)


Learned some interesting properties of Aluminum, Mainly that Aluminum on Aluminum for threads will weld together. Project Terminated.  Success on learning the basics behind threading a rod on a Lathe, and that is all we really need to have a successful project!

[Project Photos]:


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