[Nov ’12] Junior Lab Sign Mounting: The Rogers Laboratories of Physics Brass Sign

[Nov ’12] Junior Lab Sign Mounting: The Rogers Laboratories of Physics Brass Sign


The mounting of the antique MIT lab sign (The Rogers Laboratories of Physics Sign) which is made of brass in the MIT Junior Physics laboratory. The project to mount the sign aimed to use pre-existing uni-strut frames as support and mounting surface.

[Processes Applied]:

*Uni-strut frame

*Load testing

*Fancy Lighting

*Solid-works Cad


First, I cadded the design to be able to show a simple model to my boss to discuss the pros and cons of the design and for the approval of the project/funds for the project.

*Sign estimated to weigh at least 164 pounds from simple dimensional analysis

*Load testing with a heavier object, in this case a Lead shield from one of the experiments in the lab.

All in all, a fun little project for the lab that I work in that I was able to accomplish with some support from my co-workers.



Uni-strut can be a great addition to a lab, but there are some draw backs.

First the cost; the total cost for this project was roughly $81, that being said, this sign is a dense and heavy thing and I would be very wary of any other mounting setup.

Second the bolts; Mounting can be a bit tricky with these when tightening down because the torque can cause the components to shift from a perpendicular position to a odd angle which is not desirable.

Finally, mounting to pre-existing uni-strut; This can be challenging because the previous uni-strut project specifications can limit your options in mounting/bolting your new parts to the previous frame.

[Project Photos]:  =[3d PDF (Try downloading it)]=



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