[Fall ’12] The Hopper: A Personal City Transportation Vehicle


A personal city transportation vehicle, A.K.A. The Hopper. This vehicle aims at being a versatile scooter that can ride both on un-kept roads, and in-doors. The current specs for this vehicle will be; 8inch diameter wheels, Capped speed of ~20 mph (Currently capped by motor controller), and an average distance of ~6.4 miles per charge (or pack).

[Processes Applied]:

  • Solid-works (Still new)
  • Laser Cutting (Cardboard) – Cheap and easy way of testing design before water-jetting it
  • Water-jetting
  • Lithium battery work – Soldering cells into larger packs (9S3P) (Lithium Battery Packs in multiple iterations, Currently on MK3 Battery Pack)
  • Lithium Battery Balancing
  • Motor mounting
  • Gear-sprocket assembly w/ chain tension-ing system




To design this electric scooter I used Solidworks which is provided by MIT. The first major step was to create a design specification sheet, which was used to determine the requirements of the design. With this spec sheet in hand, I went about assembling the fixed components for this vehicle which comprised of: Razor scooter front fork, front and back wheel, electrical switches, motor, and motor controller. This is important in the design phase because it allows me to design the frame around the components that I will end up using. 


[Project Photos]: (Current 3d-PDF of the model)

Note: sorry for the bad shadowing, I am still new to solidworks.

Electric Scooter – Go-pro Footage from Andrew Birkel on Vimeo.


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