[Fall ’12] The Hopper: A Personal City Transportation Vehicle


A personal city transportation vehicle, A.K.A. The Hopper. This vehicle aims at being a versatile scooter that can ride both on un-kept roads, and in-doors. The current specs for this vehicle will be; 8inch diameter wheels, Capped speed of ~20 mph (Currently capped by motor controller), and an average distance of ~6.4 miles per charge (or pack).

[Processes Applied]:

  • Solid-works (Still new)
  • Laser Cutting (Cardboard) – Cheap and easy way of testing design before water-jetting it
  • Water-jetting
  • Lithium battery work – Soldering cells into larger packs (9S3P) (Lithium Battery Packs in multiple iterations, Currently on MK3 Battery Pack)
  • Lithium Battery Balancing
  • Motor mounting
  • Gear-sprocket assembly w/ chain tension-ing system


Currently a work in progress – Will update over-time (Pictures are updated)

– Solid-works:

For this project I used solid-works to do all of the pre-assembly and design work to create2


[Project Photos]: (Current 3d-PDF of the model)

Note: sorry for the bad shadowing, I am still new with solidworks.

Electric Scooter – Go-pro Footage from Andrew Birkel on Vimeo.


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